Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The moon is navigating the tepid waters of Cancer and from there it sweetened your feelings and leads you to become aware of your emotional needs. Today you’ll understand how important being at home is for you, you’ll value the company of your dearest and nearest and you won’t want to go out or be in crowded places.

Staying at home with your friends or partner will be the best choice for you. When the stars move in the way they’re moving today, it’s likely for Scorpios to feel the need to understand higher truths, to study the phenomena that rule the spiritual world and to work on discovering their inner truth. This can be your chance to grow internally, to improve your relationships through reflection and to be more tender with your loved ones.

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Scorpio, you need to make the most of the ideas that pop into your mind today, as you’ll be able to develop a great plan to improve your business relationships, and the way in which you promote your products or services.

If you’re currently studying, it’s a great day to revise and prepare practical tasks, presentations or exams. Your intelligence and skill with words and ideas will be enhanced due to the planetary flows.


Scorpio, hidden pleasures are your weakness. Everything that’s hidden tempts you and leads you down a slippery slope. Many Scorpios might be going through a season where they’re obsessed with discovering conspiracies or unearthing someone or something’s deepest secrets and this might make you struggle with anxiety and insomnia.

Remember that sleeping well is essential for your metabolism. You need to recover from this great waste of energy. Thinking consumes twenty percent of your body’s energy.