Scorpio, of all the signs you’re one of the three that are privileged by the current planetary aspects which relate to aspects linked to your love and sex life.

Venus’s excellent influence attracts love into your life, a movie-worthy love. If you've been in a relationship for a while, then you’ll reach the depth you've been looking for while at the same time your passion will flame up. You might experience moments of great tenderness which you won’t forget easily.

Treasure the scenes you feel nourish you and remind you of your love instead of those which generate pain or difficulties. This way your relationship will be revitalized. It’s about nurturing your soul with the best visions, even if you're alone, to visualize what you want in your love life, it will help you attract what’s best for you.

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Although this season of astral configurations favours financial matters, Mercury is especially influencing those born in the first deanery, preventing them from having good communication skills, for which it’s not the best moment to request raises or to close sale negotiations.

Talking about prices or service fees can irritate you and lead you to have tense conversations, as well as being abrupt and offending your counterpart.

Scorpio, you must tread carefully today, otherwise, you’ll have to spend time getting yourself out of the pickles you put yourself in today.

Today’s lucky number is 25. Follow this vibration’s guide, which encourages you to measure your actions and weigh your words while you organize every detail of your material matters. Listen to the wisdom of someone older to obtain benefits.


Your physical wellbeing will be optimal so long as you moderate your intake of certain irritating substances such as coffee and tobacco.