Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


You’ll have a beautiful day in your love life, Scorpio.

Sexuality, your body and physical pleasure, in general, will accompany you this season in which Venus is in your area of safety, helping you ensure your perception.

You start understanding another way of experiencing love, you need to feel happy and secure and you might discover that it has a lot more to do with your ideas than with something tangible.

You might be starting a phase in your relationship where you need greater compromise and ideal from the other party. You won’t be so easily swayed with caresses, you need to feel that what you’re experiencing is genuine.

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Today good fortune will be on your side, dear Scorpio. But you’ll also have to have a good disposition to find opportunities in the small conflicts that will arise throughout the day.

Your optimism and intelligence will attract many collaborators, people who will be attracted towards you and who will want to offer you what they have to offer.

You’ll have a very pleasant day where everything will happen in synchronicity and in a smooth way.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 30. This number refers to material experiences and enjoying good communication which leads to success both in personal and business relationships.


Taking care of your spine is a concern for Scorpio today.

Physical overconfidence and the thrill of feeling alive and full of vigour can make you carry out tasks or harsh movements which could cause injuries or trauma.

If you push yourself too hard you might need bed rest afterwards.