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Things aren’t easy when the moon is on a bad aspect with relation to the sun, Scorpio. You might be under a lot of emotional pressure, your head is willing to change some bad ways of handling your feelings and yet, this isn’t enough. You have the difficulty of inherited behaviour patterns, those which you’ve learned from an early age and which are hard to change.

Don’t throw in the towel, Scorpio, there’s someone close to you who’s willing to help you. Many truths that lie in the depths of your mind might come to light, memories or sorrows that you weren’t aware of.

If you’re single, there’s a love declaration coming your way. What you’ll hear is probably very different from what you imagined, however it will be very flattering and will boost your emotional energy.

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There’ll be nothing but delays this Tuesday. You’ll have a lot to do, errands, paperwork and presentations and for one reason or another everything will seem to go against you in these matters.

Avoid nervousness and thinking that life has it in for you. If you detect bad intentions from someone around you, don’t respond in an aggressive way or the consequences will be dire. The astrological aspects can cause aggressiveness, so it’s important that you don’t react and that you seek calm.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 14. This number gives you the confidence to temper your character and seek inner peace, these are two of the greatest tools you have available today.


Those born in the first deanery will enjoy Mars’s positive influence on your sign which brings energy and vitality. Your enthusiasm will make you hasten and or act impulsively with the danger of bumps or small accidents at home. A tendency to burns and daring actions is also characteristic of this planetary transit. Let your energy flow in a conscious manner.