The atmosphere has been weird for a couple of hours now, and you’ll have to keep putting up with it for a while longer. But you already know what they say, relationships are a big mirror where you see yourself reflected and where you can observe your defects and reactions and their effect on others.

You shouldn’t cower away from the image your rapports reflect, even if you find it hard to watch or unpleasant, it’s only what you have to improve in order to evolve. And that’s what Uranus’s opposition to your sign means. A new way in your behaviour and way of learning, to better yourself daily, Scorpio. For this reason, if you hear nasty or shocking words today, pay attention and try to decipher what they mean to your life and personality.

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You’ve faced the most dreaded ghosts, which are those of your inability to be courageous, strong in thing society which demands more and more from those who show a desire to move forward, and doesn’t always rewards those who deserve it, and for this reason today you can enjoy the certainty that you deserve what you have. Whatever you've done, you've done the right thing.

Scorpio, don’t let adversity bring you down. If you've recently experienced financial losses, remember that you can always start over.

This Sunday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 1. This number speaks of the energy of birth and creation. A strong number that describes the magic of being able to make a project grow.

Let Mars’s energy in your area of the zodiac pertaining to money give you the strength and power you need.


You’re in great shape. You’ll enjoy a wonderful energy boost. Make the most of your Sunday.