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Today you’ll discover that much of your suffering stems from your difficult and defensive attitude. Oftentimes you leave no room for the other person to express themselves and you feel attacked the second they say something you don’t agree with or understand.

It’s time to make room for better communication with your beloved. The way you’ve been communicating thus far isn’t entirely transparent, and you’ve even been doubting if your thoughts are fair or realistic.

If you’re single, a new opportunity will open for you and that might attract a romantic relationship where you’ll feel you can share your ideas without feeling judged.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it could be that the changes you’ve both undergone throughout the years have affected your dialogue or mutual understanding, today’s a good day to start breaching that distance through sincere words and shows of affection.

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It will be a very positive day for material matters.

Mercury is going forwards once more and for this reason many errands, paperwork or signing of contracts or deeds that were frozen or stuck for various reasons will start showing signs of progress and will start heading towards completion once more.

If you were awaiting news of a job or a reply regarding scholarships or bursaries, they will probably arrive thanks to the forwards movement of Mercury in your sign, Scorpio.


You have good astral aspects for your health and you can achieve wellbeing if you use the energy in your favour.

You need to be careful with concussions, sprains and bone problems. The astral influences show that you can be your own worst enemy if you misuse the excess energy you have, you could end up having to do bed rest.