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This Saturday afternoon you’ll have a chance to embark on a sexual adventure. You might be tempted to rekindle the flame with a past lover you broke up with due to social pressure or matters which have nothing to do with you.

The astral aspects show a very positive trend for Scorpio.

Your part of a whirlwind of love and understanding and you can’t deny what you’re feeling. You might get some bitter remarks from someone close to you who doesn’t understand what you feel and pretends to judge your feelings. Don’t let them, limiting those opinions is essential to protect your relationship from negative vibes.

If you’re single, pay attention to the signs from the Universe as true love will come into your life and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

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Careful with reckless spending when you go out or go shopping. You’ll be tempted to close your eyes and go wild on your wallet and credit card.

Unless you’re part of an elite of multimillionaires, you’ll have to adjust your expenses to your indisputable reality shown on your bank account.

There’s many ways of feeling wealthy and living as such, learn to have less and enjoy more, it’s a very liberating practice.

Many Scorpios have already learned that accumulating objects doesn’t bring happiness, Scorpio’s true material pleasure lies in seeing gold where others see nothing but rubbish.

Observe your life and enjoy what you have.


Too much enthusiasm could make you say yes to every invitation you receive, and then you’ll end up running from one commitment to the next and spending all of your energy.

You’ll want to please anyone who requests your presence and this will undermine your vitality.

Organize this Saturday being aware of your limitations, to preserve your energy.