Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Scorpio, the waning moon in your sign makes you inclined to put an end to family matters that have been dragging on for weeks. It’s a good day to settle the differences with your loved ones.

It’s impossible to agree on absolutely every subject. You won’t always agree on ideological or moral matters with your loved ones, however, that’s no reason to argue or clash.

Hug that loved one whom you think is in the wrong and move towards reconciliation without hesitating. Continuing on your high horse won’t get you anywhere.

If this person is your partner, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice tolerance and freedom. Remember that relationships are about supporting one another rather than trying to impose your ideas on others.

If you’re single, fanaticism could make you miss a chance with an interesting person.

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With the sun shining on your area of material possessions and money, you can turn matters around.

Meditate on the best way to invest. This way you will be able to acknowledge that you need more information or wisdom in this area. You’ll have great ideas to maximize your profit or improve the way you perform your duties.

Avoid any non-urgent expenses. In the near future, you'll need to have some extra cash to get you out of a pickle and you’ll be grateful for the Magic Horoscope’s advice.


The stars show that you mind and body are more in sync than you think, Scorpio.

The same way you look after your body, you need to take care of your spiritual energy to strengthen your integrity.

You’re about to find a very positive path for your development. It will probably come from someone very humble who looks nothing like what you think a spiritual teacher should look like.