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Scorpio, today a new lunar cycle begins which brings surprises and benefits for you.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time now, the time has come to start planning the wedding. You can count on your relatives’ financial aid, or at least an acknowledgment of the transcendence of this union.

If you’re single, love is about to come to your life. It’s easier for this to happen if you cast aside that tendency to suspect everything and everyone and open up to what’s coming your way without prejudice. You’ve suffered a great deal in the past and today you are prone to believing that history could repeat itself, but don’t be so sure of this.

There was a lesson for you in all those tests that destiny put you through. But now it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

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The new moon in your area of money and material possessions brings a very positive energy and it will be up to your courage and effort to make the most of it.

It’s important that you review within you your notion of security. Remember that material possessions aren’t always secure. Your greatest security comes from your professional worth and the development of your skills.

You’ll probably have to tend to matters related to your ethical values and perhaps you’ll be too defensive over accusations which aren’t really that serious.

If you cling to your money too hard, you might end up losing more than you think.

The celestial flows show optimal conditions to change the way you behave around money. The purchase or sale of real estate is favoured.


It’s a perfect day to start new practices to improve your health.

If you’re starting medical treatment, the results will be great, don’t worry.