Scorpio Horoscope Saturday
Your Scorpio Horoscope for Saturday | Magic Horoscope


The moon is in Taurus and the illusion of enjoying your body and nature will make you go for a walk through the fields or the beach. There’s a lot to enjoy if you let go of your fear and resentment.

You shouldn’t get carried away by what others say to your partner, gossip and negative comments are irrelevant when you focus on your feelings and desire to spend time with that person who’s so special for you. Outsiders don’t count when it comes to valuing your relationship.

There’s a lot to learn in terms of love. It’s not all suffering and passion. Love is also made up of peaceful moments, walks, silence and sunsets. Enjoy the tranquillity, Scorpio.



If you were thinking about making home improvements, painting your house or getting more furniture, today is a good day for it. You could look for second-hand items which, although they might not match your decoration style at home, they could add a different and fun touch to it. Visual renovation of the areas you live is very important, because it clears your head and renews your energy.

An unforeseen expense might affect your finances and, if this happens, you won’t be able to do anything to avoid it. Don’t worry, it might not be something serious, although at first it might feel like a negative turn of events.


You’ll probably be very stimulated by the noise of the city, too much visual stimulus, the laptop, the mobile phone, and life in general, subject you to different sources of stress.

The senses are a source of wellbeing when you provide them with gentle and positive stimuli. Listen to soft and peaceful music with the intention of feeling good. Research shows that listening to music to feel happier is very positive for your body and mind.