Magic Horoscope Scorpio
Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your daily routine bores you and you’d prefer to be on a desert island, free from worries. The week has started and you encounter your financial problems, with all their details, and for this reason you wish you could postpone all matters of the heart.

If you’re being affected by the stars in a complex way, you need to start looking at your life from a different perspective to enjoy every moment.

If you need to sort out some matters with your partner, tonight is a good time to listen and communicate.

Leave your worries behind and trust that an agreement will be reached through communication, and your relationship will improve. Imagining and trying to deduce things can lead you to make mistakes that you might regret later on.

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Prudence is paramount. You’re trying new methods to earn money and you’re likely to be invited to partake in a financial fund or in pyramid schemes which could be scams that could get you in trouble.

You might lose your savings or get into legal problems.

If you’re one of those Scorpios who are looking for a new job, you can trust that you’ll get an important notification to that respect. Prepare your best suit to attend a meeting that could open the doors in your career.

If you believe in magic, you could light an orange candle at noon and ask the angels to support your financial and professional growth.


Looking after your health is a commitment you have with yourself. It’s the perfect day to make an appointment with your doctor. A check-up is always in order if you have recurring discomfort.

As the years go by, new tools are developed in preventive medicine. You’ll be happy to start the year knowing you’re in better health than you thought.