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Venus in your sign in a good aspect with the dreamy planet Neptuno makes you have a special day ahead of you.

A subtle and mysterious force will make you live your relationships in a magical way. You feel that love is something that comes from a past life or that you have a treasure from another galaxy in your hands.

Romance and poetry will be an important part of this moment in your life. Common words and simple dialogues aren’t enough to show your love and your feelings, and you’ll want to show the depth of your love in a different way.

If you’re single, you might be at the start of a great relationship. You won’t be able to resist giving your heart, Scorpio.

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The moon in the area of money speeds up some matters which were stagnant, waiting for replies.

If you’re doing an important commercial deal, it’s time to follow your intuition and your characteristic caution.

Don’t stop to wonder if you were better off in the past. Prepare your things to live your year to the fullest. Free from the worries of a part of life that is no longer the way it used to be.

Things change for everyone, Scorpio.

Abundance is waiting for you to move forward. You’ll have to take a crucial step soon.


An excess of sensitivity can affect your physical health. Melancholy and evasive thoughts are typical of the planetary alignments that are affecting your sign.

Anxiety, sadness, depression can become a big problem if you don’t do something about them.

It’s typical of the times near your anniversary, for you to ponder and analyze things in a way that takes you down slippery slopes. You need to focus on the present and in the near future, and leave the past behind.