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It’s a great day for Scorpio, you’ll live unforgettable moments with your friends and family on this New Year’s Eve. Looking back and think of how far you’ve come will be unavoidable.

This has been an important year in your love life, the changes that have taken place have left a mark and they’ll keep progressing, however, you know that your unconditional love for each other will never change.

You’ll enjoy moments of great sensitivity, and your ability to see everything in the eyes of your nearest and dearest will be almost like telepathy, and this will give you the ability to share your happiness and inner fulfilment with them.

If you're single, you’ll connect with an extremely sensitive person who will touch your soul and awaken a great desire in you.

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You need to be careful with unnecessary expenses, as you’ll have a particular weakness and you’ll want to cater to your family’s every whim.

Keep an eye on your bank account, plan ahead, shop smartly to avoid regretting it when you can’t make ends meet.

This New Year’s Eve lucky number for Scorpio is 29, this number speaks of the importance of teamwork and having a good rapport with people in your daily life to achieve prosperity. Looking after your relations will make you feel better physically and spiritually. Be kind to everyone, you never know when you might need a hand.


It’s a great day. You respond coherently to your emotional need and for this reason, you feel balanced.

From all the sings, you’re one of the most favoured this Tuesday. You feel you can count on your loved ones to carry out the changes you need so much.

You acknowledge that your emotional stability is an important part of your health, and for this reason, you pay attention to your feelings.