Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn and from there favours the Scorpios born in the first deanery.

Good luck is on your side and the protection of this colossal planet will be with you for a couple of days. You can project very pleasant times with your loved ones.

You shouldn’t trust appearances too much, you’re going through an astral moment where you think nothing bad can happen and this lowers your defences and overrides your precaution.

If you’re single, you need to be careful not to give yourself too much to someone you’ve just met. Some people are treacherous and might defy your intuition and security.

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The regent in your area of profession is in a good aspect with a sign that’s akin, and for this reason, the astral energy is very optimistic and positive.

If you’ve come through a period where all your efforts seemed in vain you’ll see your hope be reborn.

Many communications, notes and documents you’d been expecting will arrive and will clear the way for commercial and legal matters.

You’re going through a time where saving to prevent future storms is necessary. Don’t believe that the times of good harvests will last forever.

If you work facing the public, there are excellent astral movements for you. You’ll manage to interpret your customer’s need and this will increase your sales. If you work in beauty, fashion and art, you should opt for a classical and traditional trend. This way you’ll be recognized for your elegance and you’ll gain professional renown.


You feel great, your physical energy is optimal and your mood is very positive.

The changes you’ll make, although small, will help you value your body’s strength. Each time you quit a bad habit your cells respond wisely by improving and increasing your feeling of wellbeing.