The action continues for Scorpio. Mars pushes the moon and together they make sexuality and physical encounters so dynamic they make you vibrate. Pay special attention to the new sensual stimulus coming your way from other people. Partners, business partners or friends with benefits can bring new ways of connecting with your body and with the desire to your consciousness.

Those who are single will be stimulated by the stars to have fantastic and out-of-this-world feelings.

Those who are married can count on little quirks that will surprise them. Perhaps you didn’t think your partner had a wild side, and yet, they’ll dazzle you with incredible fantasies and mysteries.

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Have you thought about going into business with an investor? It’s a good option for you right now, to form a partnership with someone who has a peaceful and trustworthy nature. This will help you consolidate a big project. Bank on the positiveness of their investment, both financial and intellectual.

You’ll be relating to some people who bring abundance and excellent opportunities into your life.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 22. This number refers to the positive side of working side by side with someone close to you, whether it’s a friend, an associate or a relative, everything you start together has greater chances of success than if you were doing it on your own. Trust that there’s strength in numbers.


There’s an astral tendency to headaches or problems with your eyesight. If you're spending too many hours a day working on your laptop or mobile, you're more likely to suffer migraines.

Take a few minutes every hour to look out the window. Peering into the horizon will help you get rid of any potential discomfort.