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If you have a turbulent relationship and you’ve had lots of ups and downs in love, you need to take some time to think if you want to carry on living with this level of intensity or if you want to find a way to end this negative cycle.

One thing is having passion and a very different one is living in constant conflict and despair. It’s likely that everything has turned into chaos and that you’ll respond with hostility to any of your partner’s suggestions or attempts to approach you.

If you’re single, it’s time to review what you’re looking for in a partner, perhaps you’re asking too much. You need to be realistic and aware of who you are.

It’s a good day to remain in silence and without exaggerated reactions, Scorpio.

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It’s an excellent time for you in terms of financial projects. You might be incorporated into a new taskforce where you can show your keen intellect, the spark of your humour and your efficiency to understand the public’s motivations.

The people you work with cooperate with you and you with them, and for this reason you’ll be a successful team.

If you have your own business, it’s a very promising time, as you could expand or add new products and services to what you offer.

You’ll get your hands on some money you weren’t counting on, perhaps it was owed to you, or perhaps it’s a gift that helps make one of your dreams come true.


You feel great to start your energy full of energy. This is always the time of the year where you recover your vitality, but this time you might benefit from a unique level attractiveness and beauty which will make you feel young and more seductive than ever.