Scorpio horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Sensuality will be this Friday’s pearl. Your lover or partner’s preferences will match yours and you’ll achieve an unforgettable sensual encounter, Scorpio.

Experimenting with ancient sexual practices, remember the old days and start new ways of finding each other intimately are part of the rebirth of a relationship that had deteriorated or fizzled out.

If you’re single, you might meet someone older or someone who looks older who will show you a very different way of looking at life. Today you’ll enjoy luxury and classical art. Don’t skip that cultural event, cast your prejudice aside. 

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Today you’re likely to have the collaboration of colleagues and friends who will give you good advice to achieve success in subjects related to your work.

If you’re about to do a product presentation or make an appraisal where you feel your professionalism is at stake, don’t be afraid, as you’ll receive the stars’ boost and good vibes. Mercury in your sign gives you support and provides you an acute intellect which complements your natural seduction skills.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 23, this magical number invites you to travel and support yourself on the changes to improve your situation, it gives you better communication and business and exchange skills.


Mercury’s influence on your sign irritates your nervous system and pushes you to suffer anxiety.

If stress is a part of your life right now you need to learn ways to manage and relieve it, otherwise, it could manifest in different ways such as a stiff jaw, headaches or bad memory, which is a result of anxiety.