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If you’ve abused your power in your relationship you might receive a wound delivered with your own weapons. You know that you can be quite savage when you want to, you’ve even spoken harsh words often, and the only reason for this was jealousy and suspicion. Now this will all turn against you.

Seek an open dialogue with kindness and patience, listen with an open heart and not from a place of anger, this way you’ll be more receptive and you’ll find more solutions.

If you’re currently separated from your partner, listen to the signs that come to you in your dreams, it’s possible that someone interfered with your relationship, by opposing it in a subtle way. You’ll have to fight intelligently to overcome this strong boycott.

If you’re single, it’s not a good day to meet new people, there’s a lot to process from the past. You’re better off having fun until your sadness vanishes.

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You might face some problems this afternoon. Scorpio, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, you’ll find solutions if you calm down and focus on your skills to overcome the challenges.

Don’t lose perspective, you’ll find a way to cope with your debt and expenses.

Even if you’re in conflict with your bosses or the authorities, it’s a good day to affirm your position by offering your point of view regarding a problem they’ve made you privy to.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 17. This number related to hope and the creative ability that is innate in all human beings. Perhaps you don’t see your gifts and strengths clearly, but you have a lot to offer the world and you should start enjoying the way you are as soon as possible.


You’ll feel well physically, but the boredom of the day might make you a bit drowsy and make you want to catch an early night.