Today you’ll feel challenged by your love life. You’d like to see your skill, intelligence and virtues in dealing with your daily life recognized, however, it seems that everything darkens when you’d want to feel illuminated.

The younger Scorpios might find themselves in a power struggle with authority figures. Problems with your parents or tutors can give you headaches and cause great frustration.

With the current alignments, you’re likely to feel misunderstood and seek refuge in solitude.

If you react impulsively, you’ll lose a lot, so it’s best to calm down and wait for this energy to make room for the inner balance that enables you to have a healthy dialogue with your loved ones.

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You’re likely to receive compliments for professional acquaintances regarding your way of doing things. Your activity will take place in a very pleasant atmosphere, your colleagues will appear sweeter and kinder, but with an energetic and fun side.

Working as a team is favourable right now as you’ll achieve better results while making friends at the same time, Scorpio.

This Saturday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 122. This number indicates that you have the power to double your performance when you share your enthusiasm with others side by side. From this moment you’ll manage to boost your freedom and independence in a unique way and helping those who accompany you to discover their own skills.


You have an excellent astral tendency with regards to your health. In spite of having felt that past discomforts are coming back to haunt you, it’s possible that you’ll manage to improve your health when you get rid of your negative feelings.

Don’t underestimate the power of creative activities as a vehicle for inner expression. Painting, dancing and music can help you.