Your sex life is great, and this is very important for you, Scorpio, which even though for others it might be a frivolous thing, for you it’s a lot deeper than anyone can imagine. When you're intimately connected with your partner you vibrate with the infinite reality of the universe, you connect from your heart with every fibre of your being and you manage to better communicate with the other person.

Those who are single might feel forced to experience a certain emotional instability which stems from a relationship which has a certain degree of instability or commitment.

Scorpio, whatever comes from meeting love, face it head-on.

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You have a lot of available energy to tackle new ways of improving your financial situation. Acquiring new tools or methodologies will greatly stimulate your desire to move forward and become better.

You often lose home when you think of all the difficulties that arise in your professional life, so achieving small goals is a great way to keep your willpower from faltering.

If you're trying to shape a creative project, it’s a good day to take the first step.

This Wednesday’s lucky number for Scorpio is 17, this number invites you to think about your creative abilities and how much you can offer the world if you let them flow.


Your health is good but if you get carried away by negativity might exhaust you and, come night, you won’t want to do anything.

Your enthusiasm is sustained by looking beyond the domestic problems which might fill you with unpleasant and useless thoughts.