Careful with replying before you think, Scorpio. You’ll feel provoked by any comment or word of disagreement. But that’s only your point of view, your partner doesn’t need to know everything you think or feel.

Take a deep breath and trust that good intentions are the basis of a harmonious relationship.

If you feel there’s distance between you and your partner, perhaps the time has come to make room for sincere dialogue without grudges where you can express yourself and, more importantly, listen to what your partner has to say.

If you're single, the disagreements will take place between friends, with those with whom you share your spaces of relaxation and those you trust will stick with you through thick and thin.

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These are the last days of Mars in your area of finances and for this reason, this Sunday is ideal to plan movements and changes which require your energy and skill.

Many Scorpios will be pushed by the stars to start new undertakings and for this reason, the main activity will be planning and designing strategies.

Looking for collaborators is a job in itself. You’ll have to use all of your persuasion skills to convince the people you’d love to work and make your ideas come true with.

The enthusiasm characteristic of Venus in Aries will influence you with its excellent emotional tone and will lead you to develop numerous movements which in the long run will bring financial gains, this is especially true for those born in the first deanery.


You deserve a break, Scorpio. You deserve to look good so a hair mask, some dry brushing and a detox massage are some of the good things you can do today to feel good and start the next week full of energy.