Sorting the little problems of your everyday life might take your mind off your matters of the heart.

There's a lot to take care of in terms of your interpersonal relationships, and although you've been very active lately, you’d like to spend more time with your loved ones.

You’ll experience reproaches which will make your heart sink deep into sadness, making you feel you're not attentive enough with those who love you.

You’ll face a tendency of avoiding getting roped into your partner’s family problems, jealousy often takes over your heart making you refuse to help and not behave in the best of ways. This makes other people suffer, and you should evaluate how important sticking to this behaviour is for you.

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It's a great day for money matters, especially for those born in the first deanery who will feel this fantastic influence a lot more strongly.

Those who want to have a career change, you’ll be able to strike open and honest communication with people who can bring you closer to a fantastic offer you shouldn’t turn down.

There’s a lot of activity in the area of education and trips for Scorpio. If you’re waiting for a reply regarding scholarships or study-related travels, don’t be scared all of your dreams will easily come true.

Today’s lucky number for Scorpio is 27. This number is very inspiring and in angelic numerology, it refers to the possibility of receiving blessings in your life, you need to have faith that you're on the right path, which will help you experience your journey with joy and intuition.


You’re in good health but you’ll find yourself needing to work on your more spiritual side. Meditation or mystical activities will be great for you this Thursday.