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The moon is in Aries and Scorpios are no strangers to this energy.

Passion, high spirits and desire are enhanced by the astral position.

From Tauro, Urano makes you somewhat unstable. You’ll arrange an encounter and when you’re about to finalize the last details the other person will change the time or the venue, or they might even reschedule the date altogether.

Instability and sudden changes might annoy or frustrate you quite a bit. If you can get through this politely, you’ll finally achieve what you’re hoping for.

If you were born in the second deanery, you’ll enjoy love with optimism and a great feeling of satisfaction will crown this Saturday.

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Scorpio, it’s not the time to be wasteful. The Magic Horoscope warns you about money troubles if you’re not cautious and prudent with your expenses.

You like to take risks and this could expose you to losing more than you think.

The stars are favourable if you are more creative to find resources and produce more abundance, otherwise, if you want success at other people’s expense and aren’t willing to work for it yourself, you’ll suffer great losses.

It’s a karmic time where every person receives the fruits of their labour, so it’s important to behave responsibly.


You need to be careful with abrupt movements and anxiety. In days with this astral configuration, it’s not unusual to have accidents such as cuts, burns and bumps at home.

Carry yourself calmly in spite of the tension and problems which might arise. Take a break and change activities to recover the balance in your energy.