Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



You're going through a moment of being at ease with yourself, whether you have a partner or not, but it will be for a short time because you'll have some trouble, without being involved.

A person with seductive skills will wrap you with their magnetism. However, there's only a thin line between someone charming and a psychopath. Be very careful, because they will pretend to be your partner.

Without realizing it, you will feel worse and worse. They will make you feel bad if you don't answer their messages straight away, or not to drink coffee because you can't at that moment. This shows very little consideration towards you.

Let go of that relationship that isn't advisable, but you won't pay attention to these warnings, they know how to have you tied...

From the moment you almost don't see your friends or your loved ones, it means something is going wrong. Use this as an alarm signal.


And suddenly an incredible contract arrives, like fallen from nowhere. Good salary and conditions. It's an unbeatable offer, one of those that comes to you once in a lifetime, you think.

You work for a while with great joy and optimism, until the first cloud comes to cover the sun. They ask you to perform murky actions; they deliberately ask you to lie for them.

Sooner or later you are wrapped up to the neck with mud. Justice takes action on the matter and only looks for the most visible guilty people...

It's to be alarmed, right? Luckily, it's an example to illustrate what could happen to you today.

Be very attentive to the fine print! That tempting contract will come to you today, very similar to the one from the story.


Your health is like the phase of the moon that we are in right now, which is the first quarter: rising little by little.

Do not force yourself if you can't physically perform as you have always done, you are still in the recovery phase.

To be able to accelerate the process of regenerating yourself completely, it is convenient to maintain optimism, because in no time you will be the same as before.