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Scorpio Astral Horoscope for Monday 11th June by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Today is going to be calm. You will be focused on your affairs, without any dramas interfering... If you're going through a bad time, today will be a pleasant day of rest.

You're going to stop feeling breakups, conflicts or personal affronts, thanks to the moon, which influences you, so that you gain more understanding. You will suffer less than yesterday undoubtedly...

Your partner, if you have one, will support you unconditionally. Nothing unites and strengthens more than a common goal. Your partner can support you in what you plan, if you open your mind a little.

Some friend will propose a fun, simple but effective plan. It will make it easier to focus on the beauty of life.


It's quite common for Scorpio to grow up with quite severe parents. Perhaps you have grown up believing that their word was the only law, and obeying everything, without question. They tend to be critical and this is an attitude that you develop.

The stars call you to reflect on your roots. The constant criticism is what little by little has been killing your initiative. Always waiting for orders.

Knowing this, propose from now on to start to get more involved in your professional future, instead of going like a ship adrift. Where do you want to go? Rescue your dreams, because you can do it.

What you do doesn't have to be perfect. With your maximum effort, you will be ensuring excellence.



Scorpios that today have to undergo a surgical operation, can be calmer. Everything will be fine. In addition, the position of the stars ensures a quick recovery.

However, follow the whole process carefully. Don't be disrespectful, because then you are likely to follow more medical indications, and then complications may arise.

As important as taking medication is maintaining your social relationships. You have splendid support. Tell others about your condition, they will be glad to serve you as relief, Scorpio.