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Scorpio Astral Horoscope for Saturday 21st July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



It will be a day of meetings with people that you appreciate a lot, although you may not see each other as often as you would like.

It's understandable, because everyone has their life. That is why you should make the most of this opportunity. There will be loads of anecdotes, but for it to be a total success, don't forget the quality food.

At some point in the day, you should remember that you also have a partner, Scorpio. Dedicate something of your attention to him or her, because they can feel displaced. Also remember to introduce them to the people you care about most.

The day will await more surprises, because in that meeting, an important news that will leave you with an open mouth will come to light, Scorpio.


Your mobile phone has become an indispensable tool that you barely separate from. Whether for work needs or for simple leisure, the pace of consumption you take, the expense will increase extremely.

Clarify well what plan you have with your telephone company, because it could be that you have contracted some extra services that you didn't ask for, or the rate may have been outdated for your current call volume.

That said, it doesn't hurt that you control distractions with gossip, because your performance is plummeting since you spend more time on social networks than dealing with your affairs.


You will feel a persistent localized pain in the legs or even swelling and tingling. Most likely, it's about your fluid retention problem. It's something that all Scorpios tend to have.

So that these inconveniences don't spoil your day, from the Magic Horoscope we recommend that you wear clothes that aren't too tight. This hinders the passage of blood through the capillaries.

Other measures that you should take, in the long term, will be to include a series of changes in your diet. For example, blood will circulate better if you choose high-fiber foods and those with vitamin B, C, and potassium.