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Scorpio Astral Horoscope for Sunday 1st July by Magic Horoscope

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Sharing your day-to-day life with someone means having to interact often, but how many of those conversations are enjoyed?

Talking about domestic matters, leads you little by little to forget that you're really a couple.

Love is a plant that you have to water daily, also with words. How long is it since you haven't said "I love you"?

And not only that, a conversation that seeks the emotional connection, beyond whether it's time to move the furniture, is more than necessary, Scorpio.

Find a moment that you can share with your partner, outside the context of coexistence.

A simple walk or any activity without much premeditation, are ideal contexts to ask your partner if everything is going well.



Your economic progression is difficult, especially if you have people who depend on you at this time.

By circumstances, you know that it's your duty and obligation. But consider if it is also the obligation of someone else and do your part! Maybe there are people who are taking advantage of your kindness to avoid responsibilities.

Don't be afraid to go to the courts, because the stars would be on your side, to want to report an irregular situation. The economic compensation won't be long.

Making yourself a martyr is fine, but it's not practical. Unnecessary sacrifices are what make your life lose color and intensity, Scorpio.


The practice of meditation helps you to gain concentration and above all, it gives you inner peace. In these moments when your life seems to be so sad, it's a good solution.

If you have already tried it and it's hard for you to meditate, Magic Horoscope suggests you use the Trataka method.

It consists in meditating with a candle. By staring at the flame, it will be easier for you to focus the attention point and let the distracting thoughts run.

In addition, when contemplating with fixed gaze the swing of the flames, the tears won't take long to appear, which is also useful to purify you, Scorpio. Tears are a relief for the soul.

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