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Scorpio Astral Horoscope for Tuesday 22nd May by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Tuesday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



A strong influence of someone to whom you give credit begins to reflect on your personality. It makes you be different from how you used to be. You have changed, but for good?

You have accepted their way of seeing the world, without questioning if it's the most appropriate. If you were already jealous, now you live your episodes of jealousy with more intensity. Since they don't allow you the minimum, you have become just as intransigent!

Get out of this dynamic. Your role is to bring your more relaxed view of things, instead of supporting their conservative vision. You like the conservative but with its touch of freedom. That is where the authenticity lies.

Your friends have told you, but you have been ignoring their words. You will do well to attend to their points of view this time.


Someone you don't expect from your work is going to ask you for some help. Life is like that, in some situations we are apprentices and the next minute we become teachers.

Scorpio, with your intensity, you attract knowledge, because you live life with all its fullness, for good and for bad. People seek you instinctively to hear your words, quite right, generally.

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to help the most disadvantaged throughout today. Neptune influences your compassion and your desire to cooperate. Don't neglect this impulse.

If at a material level you don't lack anything, give a little of what is left over. Scorpio has gone through everything. No one better than you to understand the states of need, both physical and mental.



The new moon gives you extra mental energy. Maybe you don't get to do a lot of sport, but you'll be very awake mentally. Take advantage of this influx to complete those tasks that you still have to finish.

Keeping your brain oiled makes you stay healthy, especially towards the inevitable decline that comes with old age, Scorpio.