Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Use all the sweetness you’ve got when fighting not to give into your partner’s every unreasonable whim.

At times you’ll feel like your partner has been abducted by aliens and you’re dealing with a clone, a completely different person..

Fortunately Venus grants you the patience and tolerance you need to navigate this particular situation without issues, this day will eventually be over, and tomorrow you can turn over a new leaf!

If you’re single, you’re advised to avoid that person who’s been trying to get close to you but you think might a gold digger, your perception is not wrong.

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Don’t count on Uranus to help you with your financial matters. Today the stars advise that you avoid taking part in speculative transactions without making certain there’s a high probability of success first.

This won’t be easy, and you’ll have to ask your connections for advice; if you’re unsure, it’ll be best to jump ship.

Today the atmosphere at work will be heavy, lots of people will be on edge.

Let them fight between themselves, pay no mind to them, and try to be as productive as possible.

If you’re in real estate, go over your numbers a few times; you’re overestimate the profit you’ll get from the purchase, the reality will be much smaller.


Your intuition will be very switched on today, and you’ll intuitively know what you need to improve your health.

Be careful when sitting in front of the computer, if you spend too many hours staring at a screen you’ll probably end up with severe back pain.

Have you thought about swapping your chair for an exercise ball? It’s a good way to exercise while you work. Do some research, it will help you decide!

If you need to improve your mood, try to find the time to watch that film that always makes you smile.