Scorpio Daily Horoscope for February 1

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Time is precious and we don't use it as we should. You think doing the tasks you have to do is to invest your time well, but what about your love relationship, your family, and your friends?

They do what they can to see you, but you always have an excuse. You have to stop for a moment and think about whether your daily responsibilities allow you to see people, they do, but the thing is you prefer lying down on the sofa. 

Make an effort, because those that love you won't be there for the rest of your life. 

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One of the big conflicts that human beings have is the impulse to want to be accepted by the rest. 

The problem is that we believe that there's only one world to fit in. The thing is that we believe that we can't create our own reality. 

You begin to sense that you believed the story that if you don't live by the standards and rules of a particular scheme, you won't survive. This is partly true and partly false.

Create your own abundance, Scorpio. Broaden your vision and generate the wealth you need, doing what really motivates you the most!


Dream as though you will live forever, live as if though you were going to die today. Life just goes by if you don't enjoy it, if you don't take risks and live new adventures. 

The body doesn't understand the comfort zone, to live more and better you must expose yourself to life. Staying at home all the time isn't living, and you know. 

As a Scorpio, you must find yourself, although it's not easy. Many people live their life without knowing who they really are. 

This is how overweight problems begin; this continuous stress that doesn't let you sleep... The loss of identity brings indifference with it. Put an end to all those bad energies. Try new activities, that could be an excellent way to start.