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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for January 1

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It is better to light a single, tiny candle than to curse the darkness, or so says an ancient thought of the Chinese philosophy... In this first day of the year, you might feel a bit frightened. But, remember: focus on positive thoughts. 

You already have people who love you and that you love in your life. Partner, friends or family. So, what are you scared of? Focus on your beloved ones. 

Singing is an excellent social bond, which is forgotten. You'll attract some people's attention and sympathy. Be communicative. 

Singing to yourself will make your day less grey, and you allow the rest to feel a bit freer. Pass on joy and set the sorrows aside.

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The ambition of Scorpio will wake up with the arrival of the year. If you already do something that satisfies you, get ready because today will confirm that you are on the right path. 

If that job isn't what you thought, you will feel spiritless. "Another year and I'm still here?", you think. 

There is no thankless task or dirty work, only the image you make of it. Everything has a meaning; everything is useful. Thus, when you become aware of the interest of your mission, you carry it out with new enthusiasm.

You can continue aspiring to something better, but remember to enjoy what you're doing, because you make a living with this job. You should be grateful, Scorpio. 


Lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, breathe slowly. Empty the small problems in your spirit. And, why not, think about how lucky you are of being alive, of having the chance of being where you are. 

Get ready for happiness. During this new year, your attitude will be the great difference from last year. 

Feeling better is always at hand, in spite of the existence's imperfections.