Scorpio Daily Horoscope for July 1

Your Horoscope for Monday
Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The beginning of this semester will improve your spousal life, as it’s the beginning of a week, month, semester, everything that can possibly begin!

Even if your work takes more of your time than it should, don’t forget to keep it in check: make sure you’re present so you can share your daily life with your partner, support your children and anyone who needs it.

You’ll probably find a new love, or reconnect with someone you broke up with long ago, but with whom you never had a formal relationship with.

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Each thing in its place, don’t mix them. That what the stars advice so you don’t mix feelings and matters of the heart with business, especially if it’s an unbridled forbidden passion.

If you manage to put your affairs in order, you’ll notice how people will start appreciating your help, and you’ll receive some pats on the back.

You could also spend a lot of time making a project come to life, regardless of how hard it is. The steps you’re taking lead to a profitable future, so keep walking without fear.

Today, the planetary influences allow you to take a step back from your finances to have a global overview of them. You’ll get the answers you thought you’d never get, while finding solutions to any problems you encounter.

However, you could spend a pretty penny on useless online shopping purchases; control your impulses, especially if you’re a collector!


You’ll find the peace you’re looking for through spirituality. Someone who’s older than you will calm you down and point you in the right direction. They’ll become your compass, and you’ll know how to make the most of the advice and tips you get from them.

Scorpio, you want to enjoy life and do what you love, so some temperance will be a welcome change, am I right?

This harmony will reflect positively on your wellbeing, as you’ll be able to sleep better, if you’ve struggled with insomnia in the past.

Also, try to eat slowly, chewing more, this will favour your digestion, alright?