Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


This Saturday’s atmosphere will be very good, perhaps even great, for your love life. You, Scorpio, who are always so demanding, will let your guard down, becoming more flexible and making life with you easier.

You’ll enjoy life with your partner, there won’t be complaints about your daily routine, and you won’t try to impose your will. What’s more, you’ll make an effort so that decisions are made together, through dialogue.

If you’re single, dates will be favourable for you, even though you won’t explore all areas of your seductive skills.Your charm works, but not very efficiently, as if your engine needed tweaking.

You’ll need to make a pit stop so you can get everything sorted out, and finish the race first. You’ll make it, melting every heart along the way!

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You have significant resources, but don’t go crazy: the Magic Horoscope indicates that it would be good if you learned to manage them wisely.

Do you know who you can trust? No one has infinite wisdom, so don’t place all of your matters in the hands of a single person.

Your sense of balance will invite you to show moderation which will allow you to go far and stick to your guns no matter what.

You have lots of contacts, you’ll communicate with a lot of people, and it is possible that you find yourself in a place where you’ll have to make an important choice. It’s time to calculate your assets properly, and to put your accounts in order.


You feel lighter than ever, and recovered, if you’ve had some health issues that had you stuck in bed, or at home!

You’ll also have great optimism, and that will allow you to give free rein to your wishes, and to be spontaneous.

The stars are with you. Take advantage of this to do things you love! And since it’s the weekend, you’re allowed to skip the diet, so long as you promise to make up for any excess on the morrow.

Careful, this doesn’t mean you should eat for seven people, alright?