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Today you will feel extraordinarily playful and carefree. If you're a parent, today you will relish in their soothing presence in the midst of all the madness happening in the world. 

You can have a truly positive influence on the minds of young children. Don't be afraid to show them life the way it is, as long as you adapt your language to their age level. Scorpios are one of the best zodiac signs to have teaching jobs. 

Single Capricorns will enjoy the planet's energies and are likely to meet someone special who is already a parent. This shouldn't represent an obstacle in the way of a potential relationship, so keep an open mind and don't sabotage your love life.  



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Jupiter's influence will boost your confidence, but you will also be more prone to dramatic behavior and certain exhibitionist tendencies, such as indulging in luxury items and being wasteful. 

Today, however, you will be able to showcase your best virtues. Waste will turn into generosity as soon as you act sensibly about it.  

Great inner nobility will drive your actions and inspire those around you to perform more confidently. This newfound energy will also inspire to more ambition and the need for respect and gratitude. 

Your time to shine has come, and luckily, fortune is on your side and will help you achieve your goals. Your immense creativity will help you achieve everything you've ever wanted and more. 


You're more worried about the health of those around you (especially younger people) than your own. Strategies to convince children or teenagers to have a healthy lifestyle vary depending on their age. 

For children younger than six years old, the best approach is to be an example of good practices yourself. Don't smoke, try to exercise as often as you can, and eat fruit daily. 

For older teens, the best way would be to teach them the importance of saying "no." Peer pressure is a real phenomenon, and young adolescents should know that strong individuals do not cave to group insistence and that one should never do anything against their better judgment.