Scorpio Daily Horoscope for May 1

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Don’t trust language, Scorpio, it could wreak havoc on your relationship, due to the influence of Jupiter.

What you mean to say won’t alway match what comes out of your mouth, and this day will be full of misunderstandings.

Fortunately, the astral environment will help you right the wrongs, especially in bed.

If you’re single, you’ll be very impulsive with your feelings, and you’ll feel overwhelmed by unbridled passion.

You might be in love with love or life themselves… And perhaps with more than one person, which will make you not know which way to go. In any case, this madness will turn you into an irresistibly seductive person, capable of melting even the coldest of hearts.

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You’ll fall down the ladder to success that you had been climbing, and the fall won’t be pretty, this is due to Pluto’s restrictive influence.

Thus, your progress at work will be paralyzed, you’ll be notified of delays related to your projects, or you won’t get the green light you were waiting for.

Basically, you’ll have the feeling that someone’s trying to pull the rug from underneath your feet. Therefore, the best thing to do will be to play it smart, and not start new business deals right now, to avoid failure and disappointment. There are better days ahead!


The good energy with which you’ll start the day will be great for expressing yourself through your body, and making yourself be heard. It will be particularly good for those who compete in sports.

You’ll just have to be careful with your blood pressure, which could spike, so try to moderate the amount of salt you use in your dishes.

Forget your preconceptions regarding your health and wellbeing, and pay no mind to those who assure you there’s magical or miraculous treatments for losing weight or gaining muscle tone.

Don’t become obsessed with your image, accept yourself just the way you are, and learn to value each body shape in all its uniqueness.