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You want to feel loved and valued, and this is a valid feeling so long as you keep it in check. The Magic Horoscope emphasizes this today as more than one Scorpio will go crawling back to their exes, begging them for a second chance.

The stars reveal that a temporary reconciliation is possible, but it will be motivated by pity rather than being a new chapter in your love story.

If you’re in a relationship, respect your partner’s personal space. Don’t try to control everything justifying your jealousy.

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You can’t avoid the great change that’s happening in your life, and which will be especially present today. Something very important for you and your financial future is happening, but you’ll have to be brave and avoid looking away.

Confrontation can be a good thing, it can help you develop your diplomatic skills and achieve benefits for you. Take your friends’ advice, they genuinely want to help you.

A whole new professional world will open up for Scorpio. You’ll be invited to join an area you haven’t had experience in thus far, which will make you a bit queasy. Think about whether you really want to take on the opportunity or not.


Thanks to a complicit sky you’ll be able to expand your knowledge about your health and wellbeing. Innovations and exchanges will be everywhere and open your mind to learning new concepts. You’re willing to make progress, in the active atmosphere which currently envelops you.

Careful: this doesn’t mean you should believe the first charlatan that invites you to join their spiritual growth circle (especially if it involves a financial commitment).

Don’t cling to those who promise to improve your health through alternative therapies either, especially if it involves going against your doctor’s advice.

There are unprincipled people, from all signs and paths of life, who blinded by greed can put other people’s wellbeing at risk just to make some cash.