Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 1

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You’ll have your eye on someone who might be labeled a forbidden fruit. Someone who lives very far away, or whom your relatives, or even your children, disapprove of.

Remember there’s only one life and you have to live it your own way, without paying attention to what others might say: you need to stick to your guns.

Plus, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed through dialogue, and you could show your loved ones why you’ve decided to share your life with that somewhat controversial person.

If you’re single, it’ll be more important to love yourself than to love others: this is the only way to find true love.

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In the field of work, doors will open before you, and you’ll be a bit apprehensive of taking the step and going through them. Opportunities are linked to success, but your vision isn’t very clear right now, Scorpio.

Try to read the financial news and analyze what professions have the best prospects. There might still be time to have a career change if your job doesn’t pay well.

To save money you can do more than just shop at the cheapest store. Remember there are small things you can do daily such as turning off any lights you’re not using or unplugging any appliances that are left on standby rather than completely off (such as the TV).


Several stars will form tense configurations on the area of health of your astral chart, wreaking havoc; you might have to cancel some plans you had for this Sunday, or change them for something more low key.

Stability is fundamental: don’t be too rigid and steer yourself towards healthy habits. You need to consider quitting smoking if you smoke, as it’s really bad for your lungs, mouth and throat.

To manage water retention, try having a cup of horsetail infusion; if you don’t like the way it tastes, you can mix it with other herbs to mask the favour.