Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The couples that have been working for a while to achieve harmony will remain stable, but don’t let your guard down: you have to keep working together to increase your financial security or to consolidate your social position. Love words are important, but they’re not everything.

If you want to strengthen your bond, you could get matching necklaces, as a personalised way of showing how much you love each other.

If you’re single, you’ll want to spice up your love life, the hotter the better. But try not to overdo it, because your partners, regardless of their gender, won’t always be willing to follow your lead.

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It’s the time to evaluate your professional life and see if your dreams and hopes are being met or not. Your initiatives, if they’re moderate and reasonable, will be well received, and you’ll benefit from them in the not so distant future, Scorpio.

Mercury, due to its current position in your sky, should help you improve your income, or at least, balance your budget.

It’s the perfect time to make an appointment with your financial advisor to get pointers on how to spend less, or with your banker, to see how you could make the most of your accounts.

If you have money to deposit, trust their advice: it will allow you to find good offers.


All will be well if you adopt a healthy and sensible lifestyle, without taking risks or being reckless in the spur of the moment.

If you give in to temptation you’ll pay the price, and it’ll be very steep. It could be an excess with food or drinks, which is easily done, but it also applies to untidiness and lack of sleep, and even promiscuity.

All these things can turn against you, so try to be sensible until you feel great, sleep enough and make moderation your philosophy of life.

Be especially careful with sexually transmitted infections: you have to protect yourself, and protect the other person.