Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll have to make good resolutions today and get cracking from the second you wake up in order to find peace!

In order to restore order to your love life and to root out the weeds of doubt and boredom, you’ll have to be methodical and pick the right words.

Only thus will you be able to clear up the misunderstandings you’re still carrying around in your emotional baggage.

If your heart is empty and you long to fill it with love, today Venus could make you find love at a family reunion or a party.

Don’t be shy or cynical, and Cupid will reward you beyond your wildest expectations. Be the best version of Scorpio!

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With a bit of wit and talent, today you’ll be able to find bargains for things you need, especially, if you go to shops where you can barter a little.

Bashfulness is a very strong Scorpio trait, will fall back to the background, and will vanish, and when you achieve your goal you’ll realise going by unnoticed isn’t always worth it.

On the other hand, your head will be filled with ideas to make money and business deals, but, truth be told, they won’t be that good.

Write them down, review them later and pick the best of each one; but discard those that aren’t good, because they will drag you down rather than uplift you.


Physically, you’ll benefit from Jupiter’s support. Your vitality will be excellent, so much so that everything will seem easy (and fun).

It will be a good time to try new sports, something you’ve never done before (or perhaps something you haven’t done in years).

Tennis would be very beneficial for you, as it promotes coordination, your body has to adjust to the ball, you’ll be more flexible and agile, and it’ll strengthen your bones (and for this reason, it’s perfect to prevent things such as osteoporosis).