Scorpio Daily Horoscope for September 10

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Some might dub you a misanthrope today, with a certain fear (or hatred) of being stuck in a crowd.

However, those who know you better, Scorpio, know that there are very few people with more empathy than you. Your open-mindedness helps you accept people just the way they are.

You won’t waste your time judging other people’s behaviour, and, as a matter of fact, you’re very fair and conciliatory.

You’ll appreciate what others ignore completely, so your eye might be caught by someone you’d never expected to be attracted to. Love is in the air.

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Your conservative side worsens your financial situation. You want safety, so you politely turn down any potential risks.

You’re quite uptight, Scorpio, and no one will make you behave in a manner you deem inappropriate or ridiculous.

The daily prediction sees you running away from any hint of snobbism, and class conflict can wear you down very easily.

Are your accounts in order and your paperwork filed properly? Go over all your paperwork as you might be asked to present some of it before the law. This way you’ll save some time.


Every day you read new articles about exotic fruit and seeds which allegedly have great health benefits; the Magic Horoscope invites you to develop your critical reflection so you can consume local produce with similar properties. It’s more environmentally sustainable and it will be cheaper!

Look after your vocal folds today, especially if your job involves talking for several hours (regardless of whether you’re a salesperson, a singer or a teacher!). Avoid cold drinks and, naturally, quit smoking, which is very harmful to your throat.

Before you go to bed you could have a hawthorn infusion, as this plant has a great sedative power and its flavonoids will help you manage your anxiety.