Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


The fear of losing your partner, of your children growing up and moving out, and generally speaking, the fear of the world-changing and evolving, will be what will mark this day.

Fortunately, Scorpio, the stars are sending you their best light so you can lose that fear; your world hasn’t been painted black, even if you feel that way.

Stop tormenting yourself thinking about how your life would be with these or other changes. You’ll cross that bridge when you get there.

Just focus on giving your love to others, and behaving honestly and kindly, taking care of the details, rather than holding on to the bad experiences.

The astral advice for today in the are of love is: fix your mistakes as soon as you become aware of them. The longer you leave them, the harder they’ll be to correct.

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Today you’ll struggle to unplug from your work, even if you’re on holidays. You’ll constantly talk about your business projects, even with your friends and family, people who don’t know how your business works and who don’t care either.

If you’re working somewhere dodgy, keep one thing in mind: you won’t inherit the company, so don’t go around behaving as if you were the boss, you’re not.

To improve your finances you could do a ritual to attract money, for example, doing an abundance check. There’s no harm in trying, Scorpio.


The week has taken its toll on you, and today you’re tired, as if you had a heavy weight on your shoulders, which is a consequence of always running around without pause.

Today you’ll appreciate having a planned schedule and sticking to it, without excuses to postpone things further down the line. Whatever’s on your schedule you should abide by, as if it were the law!

In spite of being exhausted, don’t leave for next week (not even for tomorrow, Monday) what you can do today. Bite the bullet!