Scorpio Daily Horoscope |



Feeling ashamed for doing something that really motivates you only lasts a while. Imagine the people that are looking at you; they're not even going to remember!

Your social anxiety comes from not knowing how to find the most suitable words, the most ingenious ones... you are continually crushing yourself, and you stop being an actor and you become the hardest critic of yourself.

The people won't remember your words, but the way you made them feel, so finding the perfect metaphor is not that important. You transmit positive energy with your presence if you want everyone to enjoy the moment. 

Ring someone you can trust, or meet up with them and talk. You have to have more self-esteem, Scorpio!

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At nights, worries hover over you, like vultures waiting for the carrion. Don't let them.

It's not a matter of waiting for the perfect moment to do it. It's your ability to choose the hardest path what makes you stronger as a person and leave you with the best experiences. If you're scared, do it afraid!

Difficult situations happen every day, and it's not a matter of crying out all your bad luck. Negativity just happens, as well as good things can happen. Make the most of everything. 


Now that you're doing very well with your health, the temptation of a strictly forbidden pleasure might knock on your door. 

Think about it! There's no action without a consequence and the price to pay for only a couple of minutes of enjoyment might be very high, especially if it's your health what is at risk. 

So you must be strong, Scorpio. And if regaining your vitality is not enough, think of all the people who love you and who are suffering for you because they see you in a bad state. Do it for them! And surround yourself with their company, they will do their best to help you.