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Making your relationship official isn't something crazy at this point... After all this time together, it's time for everyone to know that your relationship is something serious. 

You've always had your reluctance to make your feelings official. But you know what? You don't have to hide from anything or anyone. And the other person will be thankful because you've given them the place in your life they deserve. 

Keep in mind that this step will also favor you and your partner legally. Many couples that didn't formalize their relationship found themselves with some problems when it came to claiming their rights.

Scorpio is a sign that tends to have many chances to lose precisely because of this. Formalize your relationship, and you and your children will find facilities for the future.

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If you run a company, pay attention, because some of your employees might be doing something that is making you lose a lot of money without you even realizing it. 

If you work for someone, a colleague of yours is interfering in your tasks on purpose. Before accusing anyone, keep an eye on whoever raises your suspicions... Use your intuition to discover the evil colleague.

Put your pending matters with the public organisms in order. Paperwork is something you can't stand, but it's indispensable if you want to live in peace and without significant warnings. Turning your back on reality is always expensive.


The position of the stars is favorable for yout health in general, but it won't help when avoiding accidents. These can occur due to sharp objects in your kitchen, or in your house in general. 

If you have small children, make sure your house is as safe as possible for them, because this astral configuration could affect the people you love. 

It wouldn't hurt for you to take out health insurance. You never know when something bad can happen, but you shouldn't leave everything to chance. Take action now that your health is not an emergency and you'll have support when it comes to unforeseen events.