Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


More than ever, your relationship will be at the top of your priorities, and you’ll be very creative when showing affection to the person you share a bed with.

If you have uncertainties or problems in your family, these small challenges (which can even be funny on hindsight) will contribute to strengthening the bond that unites you.

Being able to make your partner laugh is a virtue, so try to do it on a daily basis.

If you’re single, don’t get involved with someone too quickly, otherwise, you’ll encounter disillusionment, which is waiting for you just around the corner!

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Thanks to Mercury’s benevolence, many doors will open before Scorpio, which will boost your career.

This will be great, but let us not forget that greater responsibility demands for a change in your mindset, time management and, in a way, you’ll have to put yourself to the test.

There’ll be big unforeseen expenses, so try to be moderate with what you spend, otherwise, you might have to face some expenses that you won’t be able to cover.

Cash, by the way, will save you when your credit card (or mobile payment) fails due to technical issues.


It will be a great time to devise an anti-age strategy, perhaps by using lotions and other products which conceal the visible signs of aging.

The delay the effects of the passage of time, you need to not only look after your image (you can always get some plastic surgery if you save a little) but also your wellbeing.

Thus, the Magic Horoscope invites you to make healthy lifestyle resolutions which will allow you to be as self-sufficient as possible in the future.

Diets are great, but only if they’re designed by an endocrinologist or a professional nutritionist: don’t dream of copying celebrities who say they only eat a couple of things and nothing else, or just take smoothies which they describe as nearly miraculous.