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Imagine your relationship as a work of art and approach it as such. Does it inspire you to feel positive emotions, is it a story worthwhile telling? 

Try to change the way you always do things, shift the dynamic of individual relationships. There is nothing holding you back from trying something entirely new and romantic to woo that special person you've been thinking of lately. 

Perhaps a city break will offer the much-needed relaxation that you and your significant other need. 

In case you're involved in a long-distance relationship, stop waiting around and plan your visit. If your partner is a Capricorn or a Virgo, however, it would be best to tell them in advance.

Unexpected events, even as pleasant as your presence, have the potential to upset these Earth signs as they value the stability that comes from predictability.  



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To give the best of yourself, you need passion and vim; otherwise, you wither and fall into a downward spiral of boredom and routine. Although it may seem abrupt and you hadn't really planned on it, the time to change your life has arrived. 

A good job and a steady relationship are only circumstantial, even though they may be perceived as signs of stability. Don't let anything or anyone define who you are or box you. Reflect on whether or not you want to work on your dreams or follow those of someone else. 

Scorpio natives that work with their families will be very tempted to break free and forget about all their responsibility. The time might be right to cut the umbilical cord which has, in a way, keep you from experiencing life. Be brave and know that life offers few guarantees of success; so you won't know until you try


You might feel as if your powers are dwindling and it might be because you push yourself too much. Sometimes you don't know when to stop. 

Try to listen to your body more often, your breathing and pulse, especially when you're feeling off. The signs are usually there; you simply have to become more in tune with them. 

It will come as no surprise that when you stop this hectic rhythm, you will feel better, more rested. 

Being calm is your biggest ally in any activity that requires prolonged and sustained efforts. Make the most of it, Scorpio!