Scorpio Magic Horoscope 5
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An old can of worms will be opened again, which has very deep roots. You’re holding a grudge against your partner and you don’t know how to let go of that toxic baggage.

The Magic Horoscope indicates that your reserved temperament won’t help sort things out. You’ll have to search for more inspiration within your shell.

If you’re single, the moon will help you adapt to any situation. You’ll be amenable to everything, any proposal will seem great to you and you won’t hesitate to jump into new adventures. This Friday of October your curiosity will awaken, and it can bring incredible discoveries.

Don’t pay too much attention to unimportant things, keep going and enjoy, the weekend is right there, waiting for you, Scorpio!

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You feel stuck and you’ll pull all the strings to generate change in your financial life.

You’ve been waiting for a reply on a matter where a lot of money is involved for a while now (the sale of a home, for example) and today you should get cracking and make phone calls, keep poking and prodding until you get the answer you need.

Life has tested you often. You’ve grown and matured and thanks to your experiences, you won’t get fooled again the way you were before; don’t let anyone underestimate you.


Have you had any serious health problems, have you spent a couple of days in a hospital? Then you should know that there’s not only improvement written in your sky, but also that your loved ones will fill you with love.

You’ll be surprised by the number of messages you’ll receive asking how you’re feeling and lifting your spirits so you can continue recovering.

Having said this, you’re scatterbrained, your focus is very limited and you appear to be a very disorganized Scorpio, generally speaking. It won’t be the best moment to win at chess.