Scorpio Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Life is full of surprises and you, Scorpio, will be very surprised in your love life when you discover that someone you considered your good friend actually has feelings for you.

They will throw the ball in your court, and you’ll have to analyze if you should move forward together and try to have a romance, or whether things are better just the way they are. Whatever you choose, your relationship as you know it is over. It will become something entirely different.

Avoid engaging in arguments with other members of your family; you’re better off remaining neutral, even if that means biting your tongue. Whatever the case, use your diplomatic skills to solve your disputes.

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Are you genuinely creative or are your ideas just a revamp of someone else’s ideas?

This question by the Magic Horoscope is crucial for many natives, as some plagiarism will be discovered around you, and it will be the talk of the town.

If you have a clean conscience, all the better: perhaps your ideas will be valued over those of the person who committed plagiarism.

Be careful with your online purchases, Scorpio: buying your groceries online is usually more expensive than going to the supermarket.


Your health will blossom. Mercury’s protection promises a lot of self-love and self-care.

It’s a good day to remove bread and sweets from your diet, or to start using that gym membership you pay for but never use (remember to take a towel with you, for hygienic reasons!).

Try to use natural and environmentally friendly beauty products. They’re currently available in any supermarket and they’re not as expensive as you think.