Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Your way of experiencing love will be taken over by a delicately seductive attitude. You want to rid yourself of prejudice and conventions and live your life however you please.

If you’re single, your conquests will appreciate how refreshing your initiatives are. The beautiful energy of love will have a great impact on your day.

You’ll be warm and you’ll experiment in your sex life to enjoy the emotional plenitude brought on by the stars.

Without conflicts or setbacks, everything will move towards emotional happiness today, where you’ll be constantly filled with a strong feeling of emotional security.

If you’re in a relationship, an atmosphere of fusion promotes a fun connection with your partner, where you’ll share powerful emotions and desires. The beautiful emotional intensity will be palpable.

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Your personality will be difficult at work. You won’t be able to stand certain comments or defeatist attitudes. You want the world to be your oyster, and you keep bumping into nothing but quitters!

You need to learn to put things into perspective, above all, to avoid losing some important clients. Tempers are flaring, emotions are high and reactions disproportionate.

If you’re playing the role of mediator in a conflict, you’ll have more success than those who are playing the role of executioner.

If you’re looking for a job, you’ll benefit from seeing a career counselor. Perhaps it’s time to revamp your curriculum.


You believe in your lucky stars and you follow their light today, where you’ll trust life and your imagination develops to help you heal.

Keep one thing in mind: what seems like a problem today, will sort itself out tomorrow. Don’t get dragged down the path of bitterness, where some negative people are trying to take you. Veritable energetic vampires that you’d do well to keep at arm’s length.

Trust in your experience and follow the advice of those around you, they’ll be delighted to help you see clearly in the dark tunnel that you’re transiting.