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The spark will light up between you two. Scorpios in a relationship are living moments of "romantic switch off," but the favorable transit of Venus will put you in the path of luxury and desire...

Enjoy today; it will be full of caresses, kisses and kind words. Surrender yourself with pleasure to this torrent of loving care and "something else."

Intimacy in bed between you and your partner is normal when you remind each other how much you love one and other with love and care. 

If you've been single for some time, you'll come out of your apathy and have the impulse to relate to people. Start looking after your friends, you've been avoiding their messages and neglecting your relationships...

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Don't make things worse for yourself by wanting to please others. If you want to be effective in helping, make sure your accounts are plentiful before financing someone else.

Your education might have made you think that altruism and sacrifice is always the way, but life will show you that there are contexts and moments for it. 

Achieving balance is something you have to do. Both stingy people and those who give too much, inevitably suffer, Scorpio. Or don't you also deserve some comfort and material well-being?


The day starts with a lot of energy, but as the day goes by, you'll feel weak at your extremities. 

Some deficiencies in your diet are responsible for this. Scorpios tend to lack iron in their organism. And if you're a woman, even worse! Menstruation leaves you at zero levels of iron. 

An anti-anemia diet would include seafood, peaches or spinach. Which one will you include on your menu today?

If you still feel discomfort after the nutritional changes, go to see your doctor, Scorpio. Prevention is the best cure for any disease...