Scorpio Daily Horoscope |


Your relationship will benefit from the Magic Horoscope’s protection, and this Sunday will be the cherry on top, to close the week with joyful conyugal moments. Actions will speak louder than words.

For those Scorpio who are single, Mercury over your house promises inspiration, and it’ll open a thousand ways for you to reach your goals.

Your conversation will be so charming that you’ll have a few hearts clinging on to your every word, unwilling to leave your aura, your power will be magical, you’ll emanate peace (which will be very seductive, mind you).

Finally, your joy will be contagious and you charm will multiply tenfold, and you’ll have good chances of ending the night between the bed sheets with your latest conquest.

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In order to achieve your professional ambitions, be discrete. Put your ideas into the slow cooker, and don’t start selling them until they’re ready.

Mars’s influence indicates that revealing your plans too soon can put at risk of having them stolen by unethical people.

As the old saying goes, loose lips sink ships, so hold your tongue and keep your ideas to yourself.

If you had business plans for today, it won’t be easy to accept that they could go wrong, and this attitude will create friction with your business partners and associates. Try to be more diplomatic and act as a mediator.


Under the Sun’s tonic influence, your health will be protected; you’ll be able to make plans which will be beneficial for your health.

You’ll easily find good company to play some team sports, and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Watch your personal hygiene, your body odour could be stronger than usual, especially if you’ve recently changed your diet.

Remember that not all deodorants are suitable for everybody, and what works for your partner or your friends might not work for you.